(Updated February 2020)

The Northwest Leps have list group that you can send messages to. It is a good place to send your First of Year butterfly sightings. The group is NorWestLeps@groups.io. You will have to join the group if you want to post your sightings.

You may also post your sightings on our Facebook page.

Description from https://groups.io/g/NorWestLeps

Northwest Leps is a list for the discussion of wild butterflies and moths in Northern California, Oregon, and Washington.

Field reports, notices of upcoming trips, gleanings from the literature, and identification help are all welcome subjects for the list, and beginners and experts are all welcome.

Conservation issues specifically pertaining to butterflies and moths are also OK.

The collecting/anti-collecting debate is not allowed, nor are posts of images or other binary files (use the Photos section.) Discussion of the wintering habitat of Monarchs in Mexico or southern California is off-topic, and may not be discussed on this list.

The boundary between Northern and Southern California is left intentionally vague, but please see the SoWestLep list for real southern California discussion.

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