10/13 Volunteer Opportunity at Moxie Bog, South of Yakima

Moxee Bog Violet and Butterfly Restoration Volunteer Opportunity

Project Background:  The Nature Conservancy invites you to this wetland gem wedged into the midst of sage-steppe, agricultural and residential lands.  The property was originally preserved to protect the silver-bordered fritillary, a butterfly holdover from the ice age when wetlands were more extensive in this area.  The vegetation in the TNC enclosure has grown up and is threatening to extirpate the native violets on which the butterfly depends.  TNC has begun a long-term study to assess the possibility of rehabilitating the landscape to its former state as a butterfly preserve, and perhaps re-populating the bog and surrounding areas with violets and butterflies.  Your work will contribute to providing suitable habitat for violets when they emerge in the spring, and to creating better access to the property.  

When:  October 13, 2018 10 am to 4 pm

Where:  Moxee Bog, south of Yakima

What:  Vegetation Management and Trash Cleanup

How:  TNC staff will lead a group of up to 8 volunteers to cut back vegetation along the fence line and near where violets have been observed.  Volunteers should dress in durable clothing (long-sleeved shirt, work pants/jeans, boots, hat, etc.) suitable for the weather.  Tough leather gloves are recommended.  The project is expected to take a full day (~6-8 hours).

Why:  The goal of this volunteer event is to prevent further decline of the violet habitat as TNC gears up for a larger restoration effort.  Recent monitoring revealed a handful of plants that are being shaded and overgrown by invasive plants.  This late season clearing will provide the best chance for the existing violets next spring and may stimulate dormant plants in areas where violets have previously been found.  

Physical challenge:  Moderately difficult.  Access is down a steep slope and through barbed wire fencing.  Volunteers will be working in uneven terrain.  Activities require lifting/carrying of 15lbs, hiking upward of 1/2 mile, and the ability to safely handle work tools/ materials with provided training.  

Facilities:  None, with moderate cover.  

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