11/6 – Seattle Meeting 7 pm – Gypsy Moths – with Sven-Erik Spichiger

Center for Urban Horticulture- 3501 NE 41st Street, Seattle, WA

Sven-Erik Spichiger will be our speaker. His topic will be ‘Pest detection and response in Washington with a focus on Gypsy Moth Eradication.’

Sven-Erik holding a Lantern Fly
Sven-Erik holding a Longhorned beetle, Batocera rubus.

This talk will highlight the role of the WSDA pest program, give an overview of the environmental threats that WSDA responds to, and focus on the IPM approach used to keep gypsy moth out of WA State for over 40 years

Highlighted Pests: European Gypsy Moth, Asian Gypsy Moth, Hokkaido Gypsy Moth, Citrus Longhorned Beetle, Japanese Beetle, Asian Giant Hornet, and Spotted Lanternfly

He will bring three drawers of the ‘just Butterflies’ that he collected in Hong Kong since all talk is no fun.

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