11/16 at the Spokane Library – Lesser Fritillaries and Crescents of Washington – Bob Hardwick

BobHardwickThe Washington Butterfly Association invites you to join us this month for another lesson on butterfly identification and field study. November’s topic will be the “Lesser Fritillaries and Crescents of Washington”. These colorful and subtly varied orange butterflies may prove to be as engaging for you as they have been for many of us WBA old timers. We will show an informative and fast paced talk given by the late Bob Hardwick that was given to our members in Seattle several years ago. We will also give information and discussion about where in Washington you can go to find these beautiful butterflies. It will be an hour and a half packed with information and wonderful details, and it is all about butterflies!!!

Spokane Public Library, 906 W Main, Meeting Room 1A starting at 6 pm

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