11/28 Seattle – David Droppers at Scarabs – UW Burke Museum

If you missed David Droppers at our October 5 meeting in Seattle, you might want to go to Monday night’s Scarabs meeting.

The following is from the Scarabs Meetup Calendar:


Scarabs meet in the Burke Museum classroom, in the rear of the museum building, NW corner of the University of Washington Campus in Seattle; enter from the museum loading dock. 

David Droppers, one of the stalwarts of the Washington Butterfly Association, has done all sorts of work on Lepidoptera. Currently he’s hard at work on photo-documenting Pacific Northwest moths.

Everybody notices butterflies, but few notice moths. Moths do most of the work and butterflies get all the press; let’s work on redressing that injustice by learning more about the moths! There are about 11,000 moth species in North America and fewer than 900 butterflies. Moths pollinate most night-blooming plants, they (unwillingly) provide food for endangered bats, they do all kinds of cool stuff, mostly at night when no one notices. As artist John Cody once said, “Butterflies are pretty, often very pretty, but moths are beautiful.” 

But anyone who, like me, grew up outside the city in the mid-20th century remembers clouds of all kinds of moths swirling around the porch light. Today you’re lucky to find one or two. What happened to them, and what will happen to everything else if moths go away? Don’t miss this meeting!

As always, all are welcome at our meetings, whether members or not. (Dues paying members get a newsletter by postal mail).

Information about parking  (Parking will be tight in N1 due to construction – you can also park in N5 across Memorial Way (by the observatory) or elsewhere – see PDF instructions linked above.)

Photo of how to get into the building for our meeting.

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