12/11 – Pacific Northwest Lepidopterists Workshop

Hello NorWestLep folks,

Apologies if you already received this.  As many of you know, for over 30 years lepidopterists from around the PNW and beyond have met annually in the vicinity of Corvallis to socialize, share information about butterflies/moths and discuss new developments in lepidopteran biology, evolution, conservation and much more.
We knew in 2019 that hosting this year’s meeting would be a challenge as the museum has just moved out of Cordley Hall into a temporary space nearby as the initial stages of renovating Cordley Hall has begun (we will move back in 2 years into a modern collection space!).  But, we had no idea back then how Covid-19 would hit – making any meeting impossible.
So, this year we are going to plan a smaller virtual Pacific Northwest Lepidopterists Workshop via Zoom.  This will be shorter (3-4hr) and more informal than our typical meetings, but we hope it will provide a way for our local community to engage with each other and share stories from the last year and plans for 2021.
More details will be announced soon – but we are planning to host the meeting on FRIDAY DECEMBER 11th.
If you want more details, a reminder or a program closer to the date, please register for the meeting here:
Thanks, feel free to share with others you think might like attending.
-Chris (on behalf of Paul Hammond, Jon Shepard and Dana Ross)
Dr. Christopher Marshall, Curator
Oregon State Arthropod Collection
OSU Department of Integrative Biology
Corvallis OR, 97331
ph: 541 737 4349
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