Butterflies Are Flying in Washington
After the gloom of the past several months, our recent few days of sun have brought out sign of spring in flowers and butterflies.  For a short amount of time to help get our excitement going, you may report sightings here and we will share them every few days:  wabutterflyassoc@gmail.com
Feb. 26 – Jon Pelham shared the report of a Painted Lady, V. cardui, on Feb. 26 in Bridgeport, Douglas Co., probably overwintered.
Feb. 27 – Keith Abel spotted and photographed Gray Hairstreaks, S. melinus, in Horn Rapids eight miles north of Benton City.   David James noted in a FB post that this was early for a species that overwinters as a chrysalis and isn’t usually seen until March.
Feb. 28 – Jim Reed in Klickitat had two Satyr Anglewings sunning in his yard.  They alternated between basking on oak tree trunks, and nectaring on Andromeda shrubs.  This species overwinters as an adult.
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