2016 California and Oregon Butterfly Count Dates

If you are travelling in California, Oregon, or even New Mexico, you can participate in these Butterfly Counts. 
Posted by:  foxglove1985
Date:       Thu Apr 7, 2016 7:14 pm ((PDT))
This is a Partial List – contact the compilers for more info on each count.
Count                   Dates       Contact
Big Chico Creek:        June  3  DGMiller@csuchico.edu 
San Francisco:          June  4  liammail56@yahoo.com 
Pinnacles NM:           June  5  paul_johnson@nps.gov  
Big Creek:              June 10  readdie@ucsc.edu 
Monterey:               June 11  tenneyx2@mac.com
CSNM:                   June 11  diannekeller18@gmail.com 
Hastings Reserve:       June 12  powellj@berkeley.edu
Marin County:           June 12  bdreskin@comcast.net 
Berkeley:               June 17  powellj@berkeley.edu  
San Joaquin:            June 18  kaschick@berkeley.edu
Yuba Pass*              June 19  paulopler@comcast.net 
Ochoco:                 June 22  sue@northwestnaturalist.net 
Warners:                June 25  foxglove1985@yahoo.com
Lava Beds:              June 27  foxglove1985@yahoo.com
Eugene:                 July  2  hagenlm@yahoo.com 
Metolius:               July  8  sue@northwestnaturalist.net 
South Lake Tahoe:       July 17  will@tinsweb.org  
Lassen:                 July 23  foxglove1985@yahoo.com  
Yosemite:               July 25  sarah_stock@nps.gov  
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