• For the first time since 2019, WBA is planning field trips for the 2022 season as long as COVID rates remain low!  If it increases again, we’ll need to re-evaluate.
  • Trip leaders have the option to limit the number of participants on their outings.
  • Following current state guidelines, masks are optional. 
  • When in the field, respectfully do your best to maintain social distance from each other, especially when gathered around looking at jars.
  • If carpooling is done, drivers will decide the guidelines for their cars, or individuals may choose to drive on their own.  On some trips the meet-up spot may be at the field trip site, while on others we may meet near the site and caravan to the location.  Your trip leader will let you know. 
  • Gas prices are rising and may continue to do so.  Kindly make sure to share gas costs if you carpool.

A big thanks to all our volunteer trip leaders for their planning and time enabling these trips to occur!

A full list of field trips can be found at 

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