2/15 6:00 PM Spokane Meeting: “Jeanne Dammarell’s Photos and Sightings of Butterflies”

Come join us, for Jeanne Dammarell’s vivid, razor sharp images of butterflies that she has sighted in Spokane County and neighboring areas. John Baumann would credit her with getting him excited about Lincoln County’s unique butterfly localities, which no doubt will figure in her show. Many of the featured sightings have in fact documented species occurrence records for butterflies not previously seen in these areas, the data for which are now being included in an update of Bob Pyle’s butterfly field guide coming out soon! She is an excellent story teller besides and an amazing photographer of insects, flowers, and birds!!!

Location: Downtown Public Library Branch, room 1B, 906 W. Main, Spokane, WA
See you there!
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