A lot was happening at the end of last week. A few more sightings from that same time frame are below. We now have reported butterfly sightings in the north, south and eastern parts of our state. So far nothing has been reported west of the Cascades. Continue to report your sightings to this email address. We need to get through these last few weeks until spring really hits:

Feb. 26 to 28 ā€“ Mary McCallum reported California Tortoiseshells (and Western Bluebirds) on the wing on south facing meadows and roadsides in the Klickitat Wildlife Area, Soda Springs and Grayback Units.

Feb. 28 ā€“ Sue Orlowski saw 3 Mourning Cloaks, N. antiopa, and 5 California Tortoisehells, N. californica, at Liberty Lake Park just outside of Spokane.

Both species overwinter as adults.

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