6/23 – Field Trip – Searching for Bellona in the Blue Mountains with David James

WBA members are invited to join us on a field trip to the Umatilla National Forest on Saturday June 23 to try and find a butterfly that was last seen there 48 years ago on June 21 1970!  Boloria Bellona, the Meadow Fritillary was seen on that date by Edward Pfeiler, but has not been reported in the Blue Mountains since that time. Not many lepidopterists visit the Blue Mountains and it is entirely possible that a small colony still exists there. Mr Pfeiler was good enough to publish his observations from June 21 1970, so we know exactly where he saw Bellona and that is where we will start our search. 

The Blue Mountains are home to many other cool  butterflies including Ediths Copper, the Great Basin Fritillary, Mountain Parnassians and many others so even if we don’t find Bellona there’ll be plenty to see.  The wildflowers and views are gorgeous too!

If you are interested in joining us please email me at david_james@wsu.edu.  There are campgrounds in the forest and accommodation at the nearby towns of Pomeroy and Dayton.

David James

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