6/25 WBA Trip for Youngsters – Report from Al Wagar

June 25 WBA Trip for Youngsters

On June 25, four of us provided five Seattle Home School families with a butterfly excursion to the Reecer Creek area. It was wonderful to see their enthusiasm and energy. 

We had enough nets and jars for all of the youngsters, about a dozen of them, mostly girls of about 8 to 10. And, we saw lots of butterflies. All but the couple of toddlers caught at least one butterfly, and all butterflies were released unharmed. To everyone’s delight, several butterflies stayed happily on fingers or faces.

Butterflies seen in good numbers were Dark Wood Nymphs, Snowberry Checkerspots, Mountain Parnassians, Fritillaries (mostly Coronis), Lorquin’s Admirals, and Pale and Western Tiger Swallowtails. Others among the 23 species seen were Blue Coppers, several species of blues, one each of California Hairstreak, Red Admiral, Cabbage White, Lilac-bordered Copper, Mylitta Crescent, and Juba Skipper.

After three exciting and productive stops, the home school families decided to “quit on a high note.” The four of us (Melanie Weiss, Kim Kendall, Reg Reisenbichler, and myself) continued on into the edge of the burn area, some it pink from Alium in bloom, and saw a few more species—Greenish Blue, Sarah’s Orangetip, Western Pine Elfin, Milbert’s Tortoiseshell, and Field Crescent.
– – Al Wagar

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