7/20 – Flash Field Trip – Stevens Creek, Lookout Pass Area, Idaho

Spokane members of the Washington Butterfly Association have been treated to sightings of some of the rarest and most geographically restricted of the state’s butterflies in recent years: the Astarte Fritillary, the Yuma Skipper and the Silver Bordered Fritillary to name a few.  If you’re up for a challenging five mile hike 90 minutes’ drive from Spokane next weekend, you could help confirm the presence of one of North Idaho’s special butterflies,  Euphydryas gillettii, the Gillette’s Checkerspot, which is highly localized and considered rare throughout its range.

John Baumann will lead this trip to try to pinpoint a colony that our local conservation hero and naturalist, Tom Rogers, discovered in the 1960’s, but has not been seen since.  Numerous other butterfly species should be found here, such as the Chryxus Arctic, the Mormon Fritillary, the Long Dash Skipper and many others.  The trail begins a steep ascent along Stevens Creek to level out in alpine terrain among the Stevens Lakes at near 6,000 ft elevation.

The trip is limited to 12 persons, and will leave from parking areas near Spokane Valley Mall at 8:30 am.  Contact trip leader John Baumann for details at (509) 991-8546, or by email: baumann.jp56@gmail.com

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