8/25 Field Trip Changed to Rocky Ford in Lincoln County

The Toppenish field trip scheduled for August 25 has been cancelled and will be replaced by a field trip to Rocky Ford, Upper Crab Creek in Lincoln County on the same date. 

We visited Rocky Ford earlier this season (June 2) and were astounded by the diversity and abundance of butterflies at this ‘oasis in the desert’ location. We found 25 species including the uncommon and threatened Silver-bordered Fritillary (SBF). The SBF is a focus of our conservation efforts particularly at Moxee Bog in Yakima where it formerly occurred.  Rocky Ford is potentially an important habitat for the SBF and we hope to encourage BLM (who own the land) to make sure the site is managed with full recognition of the SBF and the other butterflies that occur there. The information we gather from our trips there will help us do this.

A second generation of the SBF will be flying at Rocky Ford on August 25 and we are interested in comparing numbers with those of the first generation seen on June 2.  We are also interested in documenting the possible existence of Coronis fritillary at this site far to the east of its ‘normal’ range.

If you are interested in coming on this trip please email David James at david_james@wsu.edu


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