9/12 6:30 pm Nate Haan speaks about the Taylor’s Checkerspot

Monday, September 12, 6:30-7:30pm
UW Botanic Gardens – Center for Urban Horticulture, Douglas Classroom (3501 NE 41st St, Seattle WA)
Taylor’s checkerspot is an endangered butterfly that occurs only in prairies of the Pacific Northwest. Several agencies and nonprofits are involved in recovery efforts, which include habitat restoration and a captive rearing and release program.
There are several gaps in our knowledge of Taylor’s checkerspot that make recovery efforts difficult; we know especially little about how its caterpillars interact with the various host plants they eat. One of these hosts is a common native paintbrush, another is the federally-threatened golden paintbrush, and the third is an invasive exotic weed!
PhD student Nate Haan will share photographs and natural history of Taylor’s checkerspot and its host plants, and give an overview of his research projects and findings so far.
Cost: Free – RSVP Online, by phone (206-685-8033) or by email (urbhort@uw.edu)
Sasha McGuire
Education Programs Assistant
University of Washington Botanic Gardens
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