Action Item – Endangered Species Act Comment Period Ends Sept 24

At the September 5 WBA meeting, Paulette Murphy told us about changes to the ESA that are in the works. Here is her request that we take action on these proposals. It includes 3 ways that you can help.
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing to revise Endangered Species Act regulations.  These changes would impact the several of our threatened or endangered Cascadia butterflies , including Island Marble, Mardon Skipper, Taylor Checkerspot, and Oregon Silverspot species.  USFW is accepting comments until 24 September on the proposed revisions.  There are ways to respond, ranging from easy (adding your name to a list) to drafting your own letter.  More information is available at:
If you would like to comment on these proposed revisions, there are several options:
1)  Add your name to the submission by the Woodland Park Zoo:
2)  Through the FWS website and using the COMMENT NOW function
3) In writing.  Following is a draft letter if this might be helpful in responding text below).

6 September 2018
Public Comments Processing
Attn:  FWS-HQ-ES-2018-0009
5275 Leesburg Pike
Falls Church, VA   22041-3803

This letter responds to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife proposal to revise regulations that implement portions of the Endangered Species Act (ESA). 

I am writing to oppose revising the regulations for listing species and designating critical habitat.  These revisions prioritize economic impacts over extirpation of life forms and the resultant impacts on the fragile web of life on which we humans depend.  These revisions also will fail to account for climate change and the long lead times necessary to mitigate long term trends.  Additionally, the revisions to critical habitat designation are insufficiently flexible to address the ongoing needs of species preservation.   

I am also writing to oppose revising the regulations for prohibitions to threatened wildlife and plants.  The present approach is a considered means of providing protections before extinction is critical.  The proposed revisions foster a crisis mode response with the predictable outcome of extinction.  

The Endangered Species Act has been enormously successful at rehabilitating and conserving some of America’s most iconic species, and we have much to be proud of.  The proposed revisions will undermine those successes.   I urge you to leave the original intent of the ESA without the proposed revisions.  


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