10/4 at 6 pm – Anthocaris sara (Sara orange-tip)

“A review of three species-level taxa of the Anthocharis sara complex (Sara orange-tip)” by Todd Stout

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Also if you would like to see Todd’s paper, here is the link to it
Todd Stout and young assistantTodd Stout and young assistant

Abstract: A combination of five characters supports the taxonomic arrangement of three species in the Anthocharis sara complex consisting of Anthocharis sara (Sara orange-tip), Anthocharis thoosa (southwestern orange-tip), and Anthocharis julia (Julia orange-tip). These five characters include adult phenotypes, fifth instar larval coloration, pupal cone curvature and color, number of pupal overwintering cycles, and interspecific contact zone behavior. This taxonomic treatment is generated from extensive life history studies from 11 western U.S. states through most of the sara complex distribution.