Border Wall Threatens National Butterfly Center

Border Wall Update from the National Butterfly Center:

Yesterday, the dreaded letter from the federal government requesting Right of Entry to the National Butterfly Center was received at the headquarters of the North American Butterfly Association, indicating the Department of Homeland Security’s intention to begin work on the Border Wall in earnest.  As we continue to meet with other landowners, legislators and our lawyers, we ask that those who oppose the taking of private property and destruction of the Lower Rio Grande Wildlife Conservation Corridor continue to contact their elected representatives. As you may know, Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge was exempted from construction of the wall, so there may be hope for us!  

To everyone who has contributed to the defense and preservation of the National Butterfly Center, we THANK YOU!!!  This will not be resolved quickly, so hang in there with us! Your support and action are invaluable and absolutely essential to our success!

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