Call to Action – Idie Ulsh Young Naturalist Scholarships for July 13-15

   This coming July 2018, WBA members attending our annual Weekend with Butterflies will have a great opportunity!  You can meet and encourage the three winners of the 2018 Idie Ulsh Young Naturalist Scholarships. This won’t happen though unless you help get the word out.




   Let me remind you of what the Idie Ulsh Young Naturalist Scholarships Program is.  After our WBA founder, Idie Ulsh, passed away in 2015 her family approached WBA wanting to work with us to put together a program geared towards children.  A program that would educate children about our natural world, encourage their interest in natural history and foster a passion for the outdoors.  The final decision was for three scholarships, given to qualifying children between the ages of 10 years and 17 years old, to attend our annual conference (Weekend with Butterflies).    Along with one adult family member, or guardian, the children’s weekend expenses are covered (Sat. & Sun. field trips, Fri. & Sat. speakers, meals for Fri. & Sat. eve., lunches for Sat. & Sun, two nights lodging, round trip gasoline, one year WBA family rate membership) .  GREAT Scholarships that we hope will inspire future conservation through these young people.  
           ”Teaching children about the natural world should be seen as one of the most important events in their lives”.  – Thomas Berry.

   The Scholarship Committee hereby issues a call to action for all WBA members.  Let’s ensure that we have a good selection of candidates by getting the word out about WBA’s truly amazing Scholarship program!  It’s easy!  Click on the link below and print a few posters.  Talk with your librarian, the secretary at your local elementary school, middle school or high school.  Maybe even talk to their science teacher about displaying this poster.  See if you can show off our Scholarships Poster at your Community Center.  How about talking with your kid’s (or grandkid’s) Scout Master, etc. to pass the word on to families with eligible children.  Share it with your friends, families and neighbors.  Keep in mind that we want to get the poster displayed quickly so interested children have time to meet the May 4th deadline.

  WBA and the Ulsh Family created a great Scholarship program to offer our communities’ 10 -17 year old Nature lovers.  It is exactly what Idie would love to see.  Let’s get the word out to children on how to become an Idie Ulsh Young Naturalist Scholarship winner!

Thank you to Al Wager for his many hours of work on the 2018 Scholarship Poster.



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