This year’s registration for the conference (Butterfly Study Weekend) that will be held the last weekend in June 28-30 in Colville, Washington has been extended

We have some wonderful fieldtrips planned at the Little Pend Oreille area for Saturday, the Colville National Forest up in Sherman pass on Sunday, and an optional fieldtrip on Monday (for those planning on staying through to Monday) that will be a choice of two different areas both rich with beautiful flowers, butterflies, and other pollinators.  If you are interested in attending/registering, which I hope you are because it is going to be a lot of fun, then you can read onward in this email for details about registering! 

You have until Sunday June 23th to register if you would like a meal with the registration if you are not going to have a meal with the registration you can register up until June 28th for the this exciting event!!!

Below are details on how to register online or if you would like to mail in a payment by check.

Registration Form

This is the link to the registration form

Please print the registration form.

Fill it out, then mail it to us or use it when you go to the online registration page at:

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