Field Guide to Pacific Northwest Butterflies – Bob and Cait need photos by 12/10

Can any of you help with photos for Bob and Caitlin? See list of photos that they need below.

Please reply to
Dear Friends,

Caitlin LaBar and I are in the final stages of preparation of the Timber Press Field Guide to Pacific Northwest Butterflies, with our manuscript due in two weeks. The book will include a great many beautiful new images, but there are still a few species–not even rarities, most of them–for which we’re not quite satisfied with what we have. Please read Cait’s list and message below, and if you think you have any of these of really good quality, please contact her directly at There is no pay, but you get full credit and a free copy of the book if we use any of your material.  Thank you for taking the time to check your files!

Please feel free to share with any others you feel may have the pictures we need, but remember, time is very short.

All the best for the winter, the holidays, and the coming field season–it’s never to early to dream about it!


R. M. Pyle
Gray’s River, Wash.


These are the last few images we’re hoping to obtain in better form than what we have. We’d strongly prefer they come from the northwestern quarter of the US or southwestern Canada. File size must be 2+ MB (preferably 5+), and images must of course be as sharply focused as possible.

Hesperia comma – ANY
Hesperia nevada – DORSAL M/F
Anthocharis sara – DORSAL FEMALE, especially with yellow
Euchloe ausonides – DORSAL MALE (only if it is a clear shot with open wings)
Pieris marginalis – DORSAL FEMALE (yellow/cream version; ditto)
Pontia sisymbrii – DORSAL MALE
Philotiella leona – DORSAL MALE
Icaricia shasta – DORSAL FEMALE
Oeneis chryxus – DORSAL M/F

Also, if you have any photos of large puddle parties, puddle parties with several different species together, aberrant individuals, or anything else unusual or interesting; or spectacular, shots you think we should see (such as dorsal sulphurs or satyrs), please send to me for consideration (just one or two each, please don’t overwhelm me).

If you have camera RAW files, I can send you a Dropbox folder link to upload them to. Same for large JPEGs,
otherwise you can email them to me at: .

Please send anything by December 10.  Thanks!


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