Washington Butterfly Association schedules field trips in April thru August weather and butterflies permitting.

Butterfly lists from previous years may be provided to give you an idea of what we might see.


Field Trip Liability Release and Indemnity Agreement Field-Trip-Liability-Release

Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk for a Minor Child Not Accompanied by his or her Guardian  

Note: No child under the age of 18 who is not accompanied by a parent or guardian will be allowed on any field trip without a liability release signed by the parent or guardian as well as by the adult accepting responsibility for the child on the trip.

June 23 – Big Springs, Umatilla National Forest, Blue Mountains – Difficulty Level 3

To sign up, contact David James david_james@wsu.edu.

Field trip to Umatilla NF in the Blue Mountains (near Pomeroy) to relocate a 1970-reported population of Meadow Fritillary.  Rare

WBA members are invited to join us on a field trip to the Umatilla National Forest on Saturday June 23 to try and find a butterfly that was last seen there 48 years ago on June 21 1970!  Boloria Bellona, the Meadow Fritillary was seen on that date by Edward Pfeiler, but has not been reported in the Blue Mountains since that time. Not many lepidopterists visit the Blue Mountains and it is entirely possible that a small colony still exists there. Mr Pfeiler was good enough to publish his observations from June 21 1970, so we know exactly where he saw Bellona and that is where we will start our search. 

The Blue Mountains are home to many other cool  butterflies including Ediths Copper, the Great Basin Fritillary, Mountain Parnassians and many others so even if we don’t find Bellona there’ll be plenty to see.  The wildflowers and views are gorgeous too!

If you are interested in joining us please email me at david_james@wsu.edu.  There are campgrounds in the forest and accommodation at the nearby towns of Pomeroy and Dayton.

June 30 – Red Top Lookout, Teanaway area – Difficulty Level  2-3

To sign up, contact Dan Dunphy ddunphyj@gmail.com

We will make a few stops where we may see the Common Alpine, W. Meadow Fritillaries, and Greenish Blues, to name a few, on our way up to the parking lot.  It is a 3/4 mile walk up to the lookout itself with one short, but quite steep section.  However, there are nice areas beyond the parking with buckwheat and other nectar sources for those not wanting to go to the top. We have seen fritillaries, blues, swallowtails, sulphurs and coppers here. The view from the lookout is spectacular at 5,360 ft., and there are some nice nectar meadows just below it with coppers, blues, hairstreaks, fritillaries and swallowtails.  Of course, there may be very little on our day, fingers crossed.

June 30 – 4th of July Butterfly Count. Little Pend Oreille NWR. 

NABA 4th of July Count, Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge

We will meet at the refuge headquarters at 8:30 and head out by 9:00 on Saturday June 30. If anyone has any questions they can contact me using the information below.

Mike Munts

Wildlife Biologist
Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge
1310 Bear Creek Road, Colville, WA
(509) 684-8384


July 7 – Chumstick 4JBC – Near Wenatchee

The Chumstick Fourth of July Butterfly Count, which has occurred most years since 1984, will be Saturday July 7.  Depending on how many people are available, we will use either the Derby Canyon or Swakane Canyon route, or both.  A party with Bob Pyle and David Branch will go in from the NW, probably Eagle Creek, and meet us near the Mountain when we rendezvous with Phil Archibald, who will probably go in from the east via Tillicum Creek.  If interested, contact Al Wagar at jalanwagar@gmail.com and we’ll work out details once we know who’s coming.

 July 13-15 – Annual Butterfly Study Weekend – White Salmon WA


July 28-29 – Slate Peak – North Cascades Highway

To sign up, contact David James david_james@wsu.edu

Our first day on Saturday 28th – meet somewhere in Winthrop about 10am. The Astarte Fritillary is a great one to see along with lustrous copper perhaps and alpine checkered skippers…and there is always the elusive Melissa Arctic.

Cancelled – August 11 or 18 – Monarch Tagging at Lower Crab Creek near Vantage

To sign up, contact David James david_james@wsu.edu

The planned WBA Monarch tagging day at Crab Creek has been cancelled. There are still NO Monarchs at Crab Creek …. First time this has happened for 5 years at least.. very sad!  – David James 


August 25 – Toppenish, Yakama Nation

To sign up, contact David James david_james@wsu.edu.

Search for Silver-bordered Fritillary
(SBF) and violets as part of our Moxee Bog SBF project.

August 25 – Rocky Ford, Lincoln County

The Toppenish field trip scheduled for August 25 has been cancelled and will be replaced by a field trip to Rocky Ford, Upper Crab Creek in Lincoln County on the same date. 

We visited Rocky Ford earlier this season (June 2) and were astounded by the diversity and abundance of butterflies at this ‘oasis in the desert’ location. We found 25 species including the uncommon and threatened Silver-bordered Fritillary (SBF). The SBF is a focus of our conservation efforts particularly at Moxee Bog in Yakima where it formerly occurred.  Rocky Ford is potentially an important habitat for the SBF and we hope to encourage BLM (who own the land) to make sure the site is managed with full recognition of the SBF and the other butterflies that occur there. The information we gather from our trips there will help us do this.

A second generation of the SBF will be flying at Rocky Ford on August 25 and we are interested in comparing numbers with those of the first generation seen on June 2.  We are also interested in documenting the possible existence of Coronis fritillary at this site far to the east of its ‘normal’ range.

If you are interested in coming on this trip please email David James at david_james@wsu.edu