Citizen Scientists needed for monitoring butterflies!

Mount Rainier National Park

The Cascade Butterfly Project, now in its 9th year, is a long term citizen science project monitoring butterflies and plant phenology at Mt. Rainier National Park, the North Cascades National Park and a few other locations.

Beginning this season there will be some changes to the CBP gearing it to become essentially “powered” by Volunteer Citizen Scientists. Many of the surveys were done by paid park interns in the past. To shift to being volunteer driven, there will be some restructuring of the program.

Regina Rochefort, who has overseen this project from the beginning, has retired from her position at the National Park Service. She sees the volunteer powered citizen scientist route as the best way for the program to continue long term and is guiding the program into its new form. She has visited other successful programs in our country that operate this way.

The Naches Loop Trail at MRNP has been a great model. Many WBA members have volunteered on this trail with Melanie Weiss as the Lead over the past 5 years. Melanie will continue her volunteer role as Lead for the Naches Loop and will recruit and coordinate volunteers for this route. This model can be used for other trails being monitored. Additional options are being considered…for example, a pair of volunteers could take on the Lead position of a trail and split the season.

If you are interested in volunteering for a Lead position, or going out on any of the transects, or going on the Naches Loop with Melanie, contact either of them at: or

Mount Rainier National Park