My apologies – our software for taking memberships and donations has changed. I have not caught up on the required updates. In the meantime, if you want to renew or join or make a donation, please do so using snail mail.  Your faithful webmaster, Carolyn


Why Become a Member?

  1. Great monthly meetings – September thru May
  2. Enthusiastic people who will help you learn your butterflies
  3. Kid friendly
  4. Summer field trips
  5. Annual Conference in the summer

Dues and donations are tax deductible. We are a 503(c)(3) organization. Our EIN is: 91-1973058

$20 for individual, $25 for family.

How to Join – Pay by check

Membership Form

Fill out the form.
Make your check payable to “Washington Butterfly Association”
Bring it to our monthly meeting or mail it to:

PO Box 31317
Seattle, WA 98103

How to Join – Pay by credit card

Choose the type of membership – individual or family. Check the box if you want to get email notifications from WBA. Then hit the pay button which will ask for your credit card information. If the member name and address are different from the credit card billing name and address, please enter member information in the shipping address. For example, Jack Hill’s name is on the credit card, but the membership is for his family. Then he can enter ‘Jack and Jill Hill’ or ‘Hill Family’ on the shipping name.

[stripe name=”Washington Butterfly Association” description=”WBA Membership” payment_button_label=”Pay WBA Membership” billing=”true” shipping=”true”] [stripe_radio options=”Individual $20, Family $25″ amounts=”2000,2500″] [stripe_checkbox label=”Would you like to receive email notifications from WBA?” id=”Wants_email” default=”true” required=”false”] [stripe_text label=”Member Email:” id=”member_email” required=”false”] [stripe_text label=”Phone (optional):” id=”Phone” required=”false”] [/stripe]

How to Make a Donation

Make a donation by entering the amount you wish to give. Tell us why you are making the donation. You will then be asked for credit card information for the payment. [stripe name=”Washington Butterfly Association” description=”Donation to WBA” payment_button_label=”Pay Donation to WBA” billing=”true” shipping=”true”] [stripe_amount label=”Enter your donation amount:”][stripe_text placeholder=”In memory of? in honor of? purpose of donation?” multiline=”true” rows=”10″] [/stripe]