6/11 – Bellevue Botanical Garden – Julie O’Donald ‘Attracting Butterflies to the Home Garden’

June Program
Attracting Butterflies to the Home Garden
Julie O’Donald
Bellevue Botanical Garden
Tuesday June 11, 7:00pm
Meet 18 species of butterflies found in the Puget Sound Lowlands. Learn the best native flowering shrubs and wildflowers for attracting butterflies, and practices that help butterflies survive throughout the year. Be part of the garden connection needed to keep butterflies in our neighborhoods. 

Julie O’Donald is a Community Wildlife Habitat Steward and Master Gardener with over 30 years’ experience creating wildlife-friendly gardens. She has focused on the use of native plants integrated with ornamentals to attract butterflies and pollinators.

For more information go to the Native Plant Press.
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