List of Washington State Butterflies

David Nunnallee has reviewed and updated the list Washington butterflies. Two versions are available for downloading:

WashingtonButterflyChecklistRev5-20-13 – PDF
WashingtonButterflyChecklistRev5-20-13 – xls

Dichotomous Key to the Blues of Washington State

David Droppers introduced us to his key to identifying the many blue butterflies at the March 2, 2011 meeting. Now the key is available for downloading. He updated it in December 2019. This version includes a few hairstreaks that were not included in the last version that may be confused with certain species of blues. It also better accounts for the vast variation of Boisduval’s blue, and provides better paths to its correct identification. 

Key to the Blues December 2019

Teaching Aids

1. Butterfly Identification Game Powerpoint by Al Wagar   Butterfly ID Game
2. Butterfly Flash Cards by Al Wagar  BflyFlashcrdFace(1.1mb)  BflyFlashcrdBack (95kb)

Field Guide to Okanogan County Butterflies with maps and information on the Sinlahekin Wildlife Area

Produced by Caitlin LaBar. To get your field guide, click here.

Butterflies of South Puget Sound by Rod Gilbert and Ann Potter