Pacific Northwest Moths

Pacific Northwest Moths is a website featuring high-resolution photographs of more than 1,200 species, along with detailed descriptions and distribution maps and an easy-to-use identification key.

Butterflies and Moths of North America

Butterflies and Moths of North America:  is a comprehensive online resource that will include information on taxonomy and identification, distribution and habitat, life history and bibliography for all butterfly taxa in America, including species, subspecies and undescribed geographic variants.

Western Monarch Advocates

The Western Monarch Advocates (WMA) Interstate Website

2020 Western Monarch Advocates Board Members
2020 Western Monarch Advocates Board Members

Butterflies of Oregon

  • Butterflies of Oregon is a resource for Oregon butterfly enthusiasts, including  photos and species information covering all of Oregon’s regularly occurring, formally described butterfly species. Photos from Neil Bjorklund of Eugene. 
    • Both latin and common names 
    • Multiple photos, including both sexes where possible
    • Live photos for 150 species, all taken within Oregon
    • Photos of pinned specimens for 11 species
    • Identification information
    • Similar species and how to distinguish them
    • Distribution information
    • Preferred habitats
    • Common larval host plants
    • Flight season
    • Abundance information
    • Conservation status