9/18 at 11 am – Longview Public Library Presentation by Bob Pyle

LPL Seed Library Presents
Butterflies of the Cowlitz-Columbia with Robert Michael Pyle

September 18, 11 AM
Join us for another installment in the LPL Seed Library Presents speaker series! This series aims to explore diverse topics in the rich world of plants and their place in our lives. Our topic this time is Butterflies of the Cowlitz-Columbia. Western Washington is hardly the center of diversity or abundance for butterflies, thanks to its cool temperatures, often moist conditions, and heavy forest cover. However, human activities have created some of the open, sunny conditions that butterflies like, and certain species are well adapted to our climate and conditions. For the watchful, there is plenty of butterfly action in our gardens, parks, and natural areas around this place where the Cowlitz and Columbia rivers come together. Come along with Robert Michael Pyle as he introduces us to our most familiar species as well as some rarities, and clues us in on where best to look for butterflies and how to garden and manage our lands to encourage them. Bob is a lifelong lepidopterist, the founder of the Xerces Society, and the author of several significant field guides of North American and Northwestern butterflies as well as twenty other books of natural history, fiction, and poetry. He lives and watches butterflies in Grays River.

Join the Zoom webinar HERE.

Longview Library events are free and open to the public, thanks to the Friends of the Longview Library and the Longview Library Foundation.

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