Hi everyone – My mom passed away a few weeks ago and I haven’t yet posted on FB. It’s taking me a while to process. It’s so very sad. We had expected her to make a full recovery from complications she had after her brain surgery in January to remove a benign (not really) tumor. She passed away on Saturday, June 3.

My mom taught me to explore and adventure, to believe in myself and to be brave. She always laughed at my jokes and made me feel good.

My mom loved adventuring, exploring and discovering the world around us, especially the many forests, lakes and mountains of the pacific northwest. She loved wildlife and was a member of the Washington Butterfly Association, hiking many trails in search of her fluttering friends. With her family and friends she marveled at nature’s beauty, filling many journals with her expressive writing. She was a loving Mother and Grandmother who guided her kids own adventures and loved watching her Grandkids grow and enjoy their many activities. Her magical cookies and scalloped potatoes will be renowned for generations. She was loved and will be missed greatly by her family and friends. Remembrances may be made to Pediatric Brain Tumor Research Fund or The Nature Conservancy.

Even though she’s not here to cheer me on through this I can imagine what she’d say. She’s sorry, I’m doing so good and she knows I can do it.

Thanks mom – I love you.

(note: Marty was our Membership Chairman for many years. She was also active in the Issaquah Alps group. We will miss her very much.)

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