Monarch Tagging at Crab Creek on Aug 8 or 15 – David James

The Monarch tagging day at Crab Creek near Vantage originally scheduled
for August 22 may be brought forward to either August 8 or August 15.
The extreme heat experienced for much of the summer has resulted in
rapid senescence of the nectar plants that allow Monarchs to maintain
their population at the Crab Creek site.

When the migratory population of Monarchs begins emerging in early
August they may be confronted with no nectar and thus disperse rapidly
from the site. Normally, they stay at the site until early September.

I will make a decision on which date we will tag by the end of July. If
you are interested in participating please keep Aug 8 and 15 open! In
order to maximize our chances of tagging many Monarchs and to provide
some fuel for their dispersal, I would like to ask all participants to
bring some flowers with them! A Bouquet to say Bon Voyage to our Monarch
Butterflies! Buddleia is particularly attractive to Monarchs so if we
could have buckets of buddleia blooms set up in a central area, I’m sure
we could attract a good number of Monarchs at the site. Other blooms are
also attractive including Liatris, asters, sedum, golden rod etc… As
well as providing much needed nectar for the Monarchs, our blooms will
also facilitate better opportunities for photography, observation and

If you are interested in coming to the tagging day please let me know at and I’ll let you know when we have a firm date.

Dr David G James Associate Professor of Entomology, Washington State
University, Prosser, Washington 99350 USA

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