Monarch Tagging changed to August 27 (and August 24) from David James

Yesterday (August 16) I checked the status of the Monarch population at Lower Crab Creek. Unfortunately, the new generation of migrants has not yet emerged. They normally appear around August 12 but development of generations is slower this year because of the relatively cool June we experienced. However, I did expect migrants to have begun emerging by now. I will check the site again on Friday but doubt significant numbers will have appeared by then.

So I am postponing the Monarch tagging day to Saturday August 27. As long as something has not happened to caterpillar populations during the past month, I fully expect large numbers of migrant Monarchs to be present at Crab Creek on the 27th ! (but I’ve been wrong before…….)

If there is sufficient interest I will consider holding an additional tagging day on Wednesday August 24.

*******Please respond with an indication of which day or days (August 24 and/or August 27) you could participate in Monarch tagging at Lower Crab Creek (nr Vantage, WA)*********

I will update the situation on Friday August 19

My apologies for the date change but nature and Monarchs have never been entirely predictable…..


Dr David G James
Washington State University
Prosser, WA

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