Monarch Fans!

I have just returned from Crab Creek and unfortunately the numbers of Monarchs are pretty much the same as I saw last Friday (about 35 seen in a 3 hour period).  The good news though is that the percentage of new generation individuals, that is the migrant generation that we would like to tag, has increased from 25% to about 50%.

However, the number of Monarchs at Crab Creek available for tagging on Saturday is not likely to be large, unlike 2014 when the tagging day resulted in 80 Monarchs tagged.

Although we wont tag many Monarchs I am still happy to hold a ‘Monarch Day’ at Lower Crab Creek on Saturday August 26.  I think many of you would simply like to see some Monarchs living in their natural habitat.  Let me know if my assumption is correct!

If feedback is positive, I’ll email details about the site, start time etc tomorrow.


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