Hello, fellow WBA folk!

This note just comes your way to make official the announcement of our slate of nominees for our 2016-2017 WBA Board.  We are pleased to announce that several board members and most of our officers are remaining available to offer their help for the coming year, as WBA continues solidifying its progress as an independent nonprofit group.  Please be aware that as a WBA member, you have the right to propose the names of any person in WBA you deem suitable as a write in candidate that the general membership may consider for the  election at our annual meeting at the conference next month.
The Nominating Team appointed by the WBA Board has proposed these dedicated volunteers be elected to serve on your board in the following positions:
President:          John Baumann   (returning)
Vice President:  Maureen Traxler  (returning)
Treasurer:          Regina Johnson
Secretary:          Melanie Weiss  (returning)
Board Members at Large:
-David James  (returning)
-Daniel Dunphy
-David Jennings
-Alex Wright
-James Reed
I want to close this announcement by observing that some of our true stalwarts have chosen this year to step down and direct their energies elsewhere:  Al Wagar, Brenda McCracken and Jim Flynn will no longer be on the WBA board after their combined decade or more of service to us! They shall be missed!  We expect to be carrying on next year with a stronger state wide emphasis, and with a full complement of nine officers once again.
Thank you all for your dedication to WBA and most of all to Washington butterflies and their habitats!

John Baumann
WBA President
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