Noticeline – WBA Message on Officers and Board for the coming year

The individuals listed below are willing and able to serve as part of WBA’s leadership team for this next year.
If you know of others who would like to be considered, or if you would like to be considered, please contact John Baumann, head of our nominating committee.
We are not holding our annual summer study weekend where we traditionally have our elections.  Instead we will be sending out a ballot via email for you to vote with.  We plan to get that distributed near the end of June/early July.
David Jennings
Proposed candidates for WBA Officers and BOD:
-President:  Mary Schu   (Spokane)
-Vice President:  David  Jennings  (Olympia)
-Treasurer:  Regina Johnson  (Olympia)
-Secretary:  Hailey Armstrong  (Spokane)

 Members at Large:
-Jim Reed   (Klickitat)
-Cheryl Bellin  (Winthrop)
-David James  (Yakima)
-Regina Rochefort  (Mt Vernon)
-Paulette Murphy  (Seattle)
-Melanie Weiss  (Seattle)
-John Baumann  (Spokane)
Respectfully submitted,
John Baumann, Nominating Team
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