NW Lepidopterists’ Workshop – Oct 17-18 at Oregon State University

The NW Lepidopterists’ Workshop meeting will be held in Cordley Hall on the Oregon State University campus on October 17 and up until lunch time on the 18th. The groups emphasized this year in the workshop are the following:
Moths: Catocala and Saturnids and microleps in general.
Butterflies: White Admirals, Green Hairstreaks, Callophrys
A formal program will be available about a month in advance.
Following are the names and phone numbers for three near-by motels.
Super-8 Motel: 541 758 8088
Roadway Inn: 541 752 9601
University Inn: 541 753 4496
Thanks for getting this information off to the WBA members. I do hope that many of you can come to our meeting.
Dave McCorkle 


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