2/4/2022 – Pacific Northwest Lepidopterists Workshop

Dear Lepidopterists,

We are pleased to announce the date for the next Pacific Northwest Lepidopterists Workshop, which is slated to take place virtually on February 4th, 2022.     We had hoped to have this meeting last fall, but things were too chaotic here at the museum and we opted for this slightly later date, so our 2021 meeting will be in 2022! 

This year’s meeting, like the 2020 meeting, will be held online (via zoom).   We are still working on details (talks, schedule, etc), but we expect we will have two sessions (a morning and afternoon session) with a 1 hr lunch break in the middle.

If you have a presentation you would like to contribute, please let us know.  We do have a few slots available.   In general, given the online format and shorter overall meeting, we suggest that talks ideally be 5-7 minutes long, which allows a few minutes for questions and a bit of ’transition between talks’.  For folks with longer talks, we will do our best, but shorter talks are also easier to fit into the meeting schedule!  Also, if you have State and/or county records for Lepidoptera, please send Oregon records to Dana Ross (moreyross@comcast.net) and Washington records to Jon Shepard (shep.lep@netidea.com ) before January 31,2022, so they can include them in the 2021 season summary.

Lastly, we are asking for people to REGISTER (it’s free and takes 30 seconds with the webform below).  By registering, we can plan the virtual meeting better and learn a little bit about our attendees.   When you register you will NOT receive the zoom link immediately, but you will receive a confirmation email.  We intend to send the actual zoom link out to all registered attendees closer to the date of the event.   Feel free to share the registration link below with anyone you think might be interested in attending, but please refrain from sharing of the formal zoom link once you receive it.  We will make sure that even last-minute registrants receive the zoom link once they have provided their name and email, but wish to avoid having unregistered (eg., completely anonymous) people in the audience.

Thanks for your interest and support, your PNWLep Workshop team: Chris, Paul, Jon and Dana



Dr. Christopher Marshall, Curator
Oregon State Arthropod Collection
OSU Department of Integrative Biology
Corvallis OR, 97331
ph: 541 737 4349

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