June field trips cancelled

Out of an abundance of caution and a focus on everyone’s long term health, we are cancelling the field trips we have scheduled for June.  Our state COVID case numbers are declining and all the trends are looking good, so we are optimistic about July.

We do encourage you to get out and explore the areas in and around where you live.  Butterflies and other critters can be found almost anywhere–if you get out and look.

Speaking of that, WBA will be organizing some “individually led” field trips, starting in June.  Stay tuned for more details!

– David Jennings, WBA President

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Rachael Bonoan Videos Available

If you so loved Rachael Bonoan’s presentation at the May 6 WBA meeting that you would like to see it again, or if you were unable to attend the meeting, you can watch her presentation on video. You might also enjoy her TedxTufts talk.

https://youtu.be/9RrqN59vVhg    Rachael Bonoan – WBA Meeting May 6 – Species Interactions in a Changing Environment

https://youtu.be/KsA8V-yooFA    Rachael’s TedxTufts Talk – Embracing Science as a Verb

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5/6 7:00 pm – Seattle Zoom Meeting with Dr Rachael Bonoan

“Species interactions in a changing environment: plants, butterflies, and ants” by Dr Rachael Bonoan

This meeting will be held over Zoom. To register, go to this link: https://forms.gle/jjoubcECfD4Lq9Rp6

Rachael received her PhD in Ecology from Tufts University where she studied honey bee nutritional ecology. Currently, Rachael is a post-doctoral researcher at Washington State University and Tufts University where she studies the interaction between Puget blue caterpillars, their host plant, and their ant attendants. A New England native, Rachael loves being able to spend her field season searching for caterpillars and chasing butterflies in the beautiful Pacific Northwest!


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4/27 from 7 to 9pm -“Butterflies of the Deep, Dark Woods – Finding Butterflies Where Few Have Looked” by David Droppers

Hi everyone! Due to the Coronavirus and social distancing, Scarabs: The Bug Society is trying a new experiment this month – a virtual meeting! It will be on Monday, April 27 from 7 pm to 9 pm.

This is a meeting that will be held via Zoom. For security reasons, the meeting ID is only available to people who RSVP on Meetup, or receive the Scarabogram Newsletter in the mail, or contact Jack Mudge directly. If you have any trouble or need the meeting ID outside of Meetup, please feel free to email him at jack@mudge.dev

Thanks for your patience and understanding as we try something new!

Topic for this month:

Butterflies of the Deep, Dark Woods – Finding Butterflies Where Few Have Looked.

David Droppers defines the Blues
David Droppers defines the Blues

David Droppers has been combing the relatively unexplored Mountain Loop Highway in Snohomish County for butterflies. That’s right, the cold, wet, dark, coniferous woods of western Washington! What could he possibly hope to find there? Allow David to introduce you to the Mountain Loop Highway, its enchanting trails, and the many surprises he has made. It may just inspire you to create your own butterfly survey!

What are The Scarabs???

The Scarabs are an informal group of folks who, for diverse reasons, are interested in insects and/or spiders. We have banded together (perhaps “swarmed” would be a better word) to socialize, exchange views, see interesting programs, and go on field trips with like-minded people.

Real scarabs (a type of beetle) spend their time burying balls of dung. The Scarabs, however, meet once a month, usually for a lecture or presentation, sometimes for a picnic or party. We go on field trips to collect, watch, or photograph the creatures of our choice. We publish a monthly newsletter, “Scarabogram,” with news, articles, illustrations, and poetry. We show and tell about our collections and memorabilia. And of course we talk about bugs!

Members range in age from young children to retirees, and in experience from rank beginners to seasoned professional entomologists. Local members, who can attend meetings, are preferred, but others are not turned away. The only requirement is an interest in the subject matter!

All are welcome at our meetings, whether members or not.

Please see our website (http://crawford.tardigrade.net/Scarabs.html) for more information, including dues and instructions on how to join.

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WBA – Covid-19 – Stay Home, Stay Safe

Due to the ongoing public health crisis with Covid-19, the Washington Butterfly Association has cancelled all meetings and field trips until Governor Inslee has determined that it is safe for people to gather again in groups. Right now that date is May 4, but it is possible that it will be extended. 

The April 15 Spokane meeting has been cancelled.

The two field trips cancelled so far would be the April 18 Reecer trip and the May 2 Rocky Ford trip.

We have also postponed the Summer Study Weekend in the Blue Mountains until 2021 when we believe our members will feel more comfortable gathering, carpooling and sharing.  “Same Time, Same Place, 2021!”

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