Reminder 3/21 – Spokane Meeting – Ice Crawler Beetles

“The Ice Crawler Beetles of Mount Spokane”

WBA Spokane steps farther afield on Wednesday, March 21st, to learn about the ice crawler beetles of Mt Spokane and similar ecological niches. Informed by decades of field study experience, conservation biologist James Bergdahl will share his research findings on these unique insects, the Grylloblatids, and their vulnerability as an endemic insect species. Spokesman Review readers may recall that these curious little bugs are the only insect ever to make the front page of their newspaper! Please read the attached articles and come with plenty of questions for this stimulating Q and A evening.

Below are two ice crawler publications by James Bergdahl for you all to read so we can be prepared to ask questions.

Grylloblatta, ice crawler species incognitus:

Systematic account and bibliography of Notoptera:

WBA meets in Spokane on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Meetings start at 6:00 and end at 7:30.
Spokane meetings are held at the Downtown Spokane Public Library Branch, Room 1B, 906 W. Main Street, Spokane, WA

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