9/18 – Spokane Meeting 6 pm – “Sharing the Wealth”

Hello Butterfly Enthusiasts,

Great news!
We have a WBA meeting coming up, so mark your calendars!

Date: Wednesday, September 18th
Time: 6pm-7:30pm
Where: Corbin Arts Center
507 W. 7th Ave
Spokane, WA 99204

Spokane’s Washington Butterfly Association chapter welcomes you and your friends to an all ages show and tell experience about Eastern Washington or other area butterfly sightings our local naturalists have gleaned from field time on the 2019 season so far  (It’s not over yet!)  Arrive at our meeting place at the Corbin Art Center, 507 W 7th Ave, Spokane, WA at 6:00 pm, Wednesday, September 18th, for an enlightening update on summer field trips shared by our members, reports from the conference in Colville and news from our many personal forays about the Inland Northwest.  Despite the fact that several of our early season trips were cancelled due to cold, wet weather that persisted later into the season than usual, we had some important field encounters with many of our less common western butterflies, even including the now scarce Monarch butterfly.  Please join us, and do bring a thumb drive or photo CD with your own sightings to share on our screen.  We’d love to hear from you!

Attached are some pictures of butterflies I saw this summer!
We hope you see you all there!!!

Also, please note the following dates for the upcoming meetings from October through May, I will continue to send out emails closer to each date with details but here are the dates so you can mark your calendars:

10/16/2019 – Presentation by Nan Vance called “Down and Dirty” a closeup look at bees and wasps on and in the ground and their need for habitat protection.

11/20/2019 – Presentation by Carl Barrentine called “Alien Invasion” a look at his moth findings of 2019 as well as other non-native species of moths.

12/18/2019 – No meeting because of the Holiday Season!

1/15/2020 – Presentation by Rick Moore about dragonflies – this is also our annual potluck with everyone.

2/19/2020 – Presentation by James Bergdahl on prospecting for un-described Carabid Beetle in the Pacific Northwest

3/18/2020 – Presentation by James Dillman on his 40 years of butterfly observation in Washington and Oregon

4/15/2020 – Presentation by Kelly McAllister on butterfly conservation issues relating to highway roadsides.

5/20/2020 – Presentation by Jon Pelham (hopefully – this presentation is still to be announced)

Mary S.

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