Reminder – June 2 – Rocky Ford Field Trip, Lincoln County

June 2 – Rocky Ford Field Trip, Lincoln County – Difficulty Level 3

To sign up, contact David James

Field trip to Rocky Ford in Lincoln County (near ghost town of Tokio) to see Silver-bordered fritillaries (SBF) and their habitat. This is the nearest location to Moxee Bog that SBF exists and study of this population and habitat will be important to restoration of SBF at Moxee Bog.

Spokane’s chapter of the Washington Butterfly Association excited to invite our friends and members to join us in confirming the existence of an unusual scab land colony of the Silver Bordered Fritillary in Lincoln County this coming Saturday, June 2. Our group will be meeting a group from Yakima, led by Dr. David James, to document the presence of this very uncommon butterfly species and the quality of its habitat. A number of other interesting butterfly species may be present as well, including the Ruddy Copper, Callippe Fritillary, and a tiny gem, the Columbia Blue.

You may meet our group at the Flying J truck stop on Interstate 90 west of town at the exit for Geiger Boulevard at 9:00 AM. Persons further west of town may meet our group at approximately 10:00 AM at the Templin’s Country Corner at the intersection of Interstate 90 and Danekas Road. We will drive along the Harrington-Tokio Road to Crab Creek to arrive at the BLM site at about 10:30 AM to meet Dr. James’ group.

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