Reminder – June 9 – Big Meadow Field Trip, Bonner County, Idaho

To sign up, contact John Baumann

Big Meadow, Bonner County, Idaho, a lesser fritillary and spring butterfly extravaganza.


Spokane’s chapter of the Washington Butterfly Association invites you to learn how to identify the rare Meadow Fritillary on a field trip learning experience this coming June 9. Meet John Baumann at the Safeway supermarket parking lot in Newport, Washington at 9 AM, where we shall proceed in carpools a further 45 minutes to the Big Meadows site on the edge of Bonner County, Idaho. We will spend most of the day, so bring yourself a lunch, plenty of water and some bug dope to repel mosquitoes.  This habitat is home to a variety of other species of butterfly that we seldom see in our area, including the Cedar Hairstreak, Atlantis Fritillary, the Long Dash Skipper and Peck’s Skipper.

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