Reminder – Scarabs 10/26 Dennis Paulson talks about Dragonflies


 Monday, October 26, 2015 7 pm – “Dragonflies, Fast and Ferocious” by Dennis Paulson at Burke Museum, University of Washington, Seattle

 Dennis Paulson has been the Northwest’s leading dragonfly specialist since the 1970s. He recently retired from his position as  Director of the Slater Museum of Natural History, the University of Puget Sound. He’s the author of “Dragonflies of Washington” and both the western and eastern dragonfly volumes in the Princeton Field Guides series. 

For all you bird and butterfly enthusiasts, it’s time to follow the natural course of evolution and progress to dragonflies. Dennis will focus on basic biology of the order and the natural history and identification of local species in the suborder Anisoptera (true dragonflies) and Zygoptera (“damselflies,” really just as dragonish as their larger cousins). Both groups are equally ferocious in the first part of their lives, spent underwater: the dragon part without the fly part! Just as “watchable” as butterflies but part of a whole different world.

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