Reminder – 10/7 Seattle Meeting with Nate Haan about Checkerspots

Euphydryas editha

Edith’s Checkerspot

October 7 – Nate Haan – Edith Checkerspots: Rearing and experiments with host plants –  Center for Urban Horticulture – 7:00 pm

Nate will share with us his experiences rearing Edith’s Checkerspot in the lab and greenhouse. He also will give an overview of some of the experiments he has been conducting to learn more about the relationship between checkerspot larvae and their host plants. Many Edith’s checkerspot larvae in our area feed on various species of paintbrush (Castilleja spp.), which are root parasites on other plants. Therefore even though the larvae only feed on Castilleja, the identity of the plants that Castilleja parasitizes could indirectly affect checkerspot larvae. He will share methods and preliminary results of an experiment that explores these interactions. Also he will give an overview of a field experiment that he is currently conducting to measure the effects various host species and environmental variables on Taylor’s checkerspot larvae. 

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