Reminder 12/2 at 7 pm – Wild Australia: The West

December 2 – Wild Australia: the West with David and Jo Nunnallee 
Center for Urban Horticulture – 7:00 pm 

We had long wanted to visit the “other” half of Australia, the far west. We had heard that this is one of the great botanic regions of the world, and when we finally found ourselves in the mallee shrub lands of the west coast in October we were far from disappointed. 

And as if the amazing wildflower show in the Austral spring were not enough we found that this is just one of the great attractions of the region, together with exotic birdlife, enchanting little marsupials with unfamiliar names, charismatic reptiles, stunning scenery, and yes, even some butterflies. 

Western Australia is truly unlike any other place we have visited. Come to the WBA meeting on December 2 and let us share with you a little peek at the natural beauty of this distant region.

– David and Jo Nunnallee

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