June 22 – Scarabs Monthly Meeting: Beauty with Benefits, by Dr. David James


Burke Museum

UW, 17th Ave NE and NE 45th St, Seattle, WA

7:00 pm June 22

Scarabs meet in the Burke Museum classroom, in the rear of the museum building, NW corner of the University of Washington Campus in Seattle; enter from the museum loading dock. 

David James, from the Prosser campus of WSU, is a specialist on biological control in addition to being a well-known lepidopterist. With the “Beauty with Benefits” project, he is promoting the growing of native plants in eastern Washington vineyards.Originally conceived as a way to help bring back depleted butterfly populations (that’s the “beauty” part), the project, being tested in 4 demonstration vineyards, attracts myriads of native predators to the vineyard as well, thus greatly enhancing non-chemical pest control.  In the first year, 106 flowering plant species were evaluated for their potential. Gray Rabbitbrush proved to be the best attractor of predators, but butterfly food plants were not neglected! With the wine industry moving away from broad-spectrum pesticides and toward lower-impact farming, this may just be an idea whose time has come!

As always, all are welcome at Scarabs meetings, whether members or not. (Dues paying members get a newsletter by postal mail).

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