2/25 – Seattle Audubon Butterfly Gardening Class with David Droppers – 7-8:30 pm

Butterfly Gardening with David Droppers

Thursday, February 25 from 7:00-8:30 pm
David will enthusiastically introduce you to the world of butterflies, and how inviting them into your backyard will reveal how they are connected to a number of other species of urban and suburban wildlife. Not only will participants learn about what plants to include in their garden to attract butterflies, but they will get a glimpse into butterfly biology – how they see the world, what additional resources they need, all centered on how to design your garden for maximum attraction. And remember, this is complementary to inviting birds to your yard – think of it as gardening for bird food! Watch your garden come alive with bloom and wings!

And, here’s the link for registering:https://my.seattleaudubon.org/event/online-class-butterfly-gardening-with-david-droppers/e318734

There are 4 levels–$15 for the Sustainer level; $10 for Supporter Level 1; $5 for Supporter Level 2; and free if those are more than you can pay.  It’s an honor system–no one asks any questions about your choice. 

You can sign up now 🐝

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