1/15 – Spokane Meeting 6 pm – “Odonates of the Colville NF & Annual Potluck” – with Rick Moore

Corbin Art Center, 507 W. 7th Ave, Spokane

Presentation by Rick Moore about dragonflies – this is also our annual potluck with everyone.

This monthly meeting will be our annual potluck where we can talk butterflies and pollinators over a wonderful meal.
Please bring some type of food item/favorite dish to contribute to this potluck! 

Dragonfly 2016-05-29

Retired biologist Rick Moore will add to our potluck dining experience together by sharing images and stories from his extensive study of the dragonflies of the Colville National Forest, which he has studied for many years!  He has excellent photos and a deep background in the study Inland Northwest insect species. Come join us!

Rick’s Bio:
Working with Edith’s Checkerspot in the California Sierras, Rick received his Ph.D. in evolutionary ecology from the University of Texas in 1987.  After graduation, he moved to Olympia, WA with his wife Sandy, and became the Pacific Salmon Treaty coho biologist with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.  In 1998, he left the Department and moved to the Colville area to raise his two children and build an earthship (a sustainable building technique using tires and aluminum cans).  Since 2006 he has worked as a summer contractor for the Forest Service conducting a variety of insect surveys in the Colville National Forest.

We hope to see you all there!!!

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