Our 2019 Annual Study Weekend will again feature a silent auction before the dinner on Saturday evening, June 29.

We need you to make the auction a success. The first thing you can do is donate items to be auctioned. Popular items in the past were butterfly-themed costume jewelry, housewares, accessories, artwork, specialty foods, and field guides and other nature-related books. 

Businesses are often willing to make a modest donation for the goodwill, advertising and tax deduction. It’s easier than you’d think—a modest donation is a routine thing for many businesses. Emphasize the marketing potential of having their name put in front of our members from all over the state.  Best bets are businesses that sell statewide online, not so much local businesses that rely on walk-in customers (unless they’re in the big metros of Seattle or Spokane). If you want to ask a business for a donation, they may want a donation request form for tax purposes—we can provide a form if you need one.  If you get a donation then we’ll send you a thank-you letter to give the business.

Let us know what you plan to donate before the study weekend if possible, with a suggested retail value, then bring your item to Colville on Friday. It’s much easier if we know ahead of time what the items are, but we’ll do our best with last-minute donations too. If you can’t make it to the conference, we can make arrangements for your item to be picked up. There will be people available to take your item in Seattle (Paulette Murphy), Spokane (Mary Schu), and Olympia (me).

And remember—the most important thing you can do for the auction is bring your cash (or checkbook) to the conference and bid!  No credit or debit cards please.

If you have questions or want to make a donation, please contact Regina (reg@madronas.net)

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