The Dark Divide, Official Trailer – News from Bob Pyle

Dear Folks,

Just to let you know the Official Trailer for the movie was released today, and I think it is extremely well done. It’s getting lots of raves. My publisher at Counterpoint, for one, said: “This is an honestly terrific trailer!!” It gives just a hint of how brilliant David Cross, Debra Messing (a truly remarkable Thea), and the other cast members really are.

You can watch it here on You Tube:

or here on Facebook:

or from the film’s website:

For me, the full-screen option works on the You Tube link, but not on the Facebook one.

The movie actually comes out at last on September 18, in lots of theaters, drive-ins, and virtual theaters around the country, and on-line through the website only. If you sign up at the website  you should receive announcements. Florence and I are going to get to see it on the Big Screen that night at the Columbian Theater in Astoria, where it is playing three nights. It’s been a long, winding, and  difficult road for Tom Putnam, the amazing Director etc., since the original release date in April!

After the long wait for all of us, this is pretty exciting! I hope you’ll all have a chance to see it one way or another. Meanwhile, enjoy the trailer.



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